The REDESISFORM Software Development Group, with headquarter in Ecuador, in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil, it is integrated with professionals in the areas of Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Multi-user Systems and Networks, Business Management, Linguistics and Literature. With more than 10 years of experience in development of management and business web applications, computer network management, e-Commerce and linguistic translation, specializes in the creation of: 

– Multilingual Websites for Export and Import Companies 

– Editable Multilingual Translators Web systems

– Online Stores and Electronic Commerce Systems

– Professional Technical Translations

Development of Multilingual Web Sites. Editable Multilingual Translators Web Systems

Implementation and optimization of Editable Multilingual Translators Menus

As a nationwide Google Maps Local Guide, for the development of Editable Multilingual Translators web Systems we apply the Google Translate service to more than 100 languages. 

OUR METHOD OF EDITABLE TRANSLATION.- in our Translators Web Systems we implement editable human translation rather than automatic robotic translation, in order to ensure an optimal translation’s quality. It is important to consider that the automatic robotic translation obtained with the Google Translate is a basic translation that must always be reviewed, edited and corrected by human translators to obtain the editable translation.

Design of Online Stores for Importing and Exporting Companies. Electronic Commerce Systems

Creation of Multilingual Online Stores. Module for the Interconnection of the ERP with the Online Store

REDESISFORM uses the most important e-Commerce tools for the creation of its virtual stores, such as the PrestaShopMagento and WooCommerce

FEATURED NOTE.- in the Open Source PrestaShop Community REDESISFORM was named “Contributor as a Free Software Developer”.

The e-Commerce statistical reports confirm that these three e-Commerce platforms, PrestaShop, Magento and WooCommerce, are currently the world leaders, chosen by the best companies and the ones that sell the most on the Internet. These are the three Open Source e-Commerce platforms that have reached a greater development in the course of already more than a decade, since their appearance in 2008. Thus, due to their excellent performance and functionalities they offer, these three platforms are currently the most widely used in the world for the creation of online stores.

Geographical location maps Google Maps

Optimization of geographic location maps

Based on the appointment that was granted tu us by the North American Transnational Company Google LLC as a nationwide Google Maps Local Guidewe optimize the design of your geographical location maps Google Maps, based on the use of visualization and recording techniques of videos and photos with the help of drones.

Google Maps Local Guides program, contribute to improving the Google Maps map:

Google Maps Local Guides intends that among all the users of the community that form Google we build a constantly updated map. That is, it is the program of direct contributions on Google Maps that Google has devised to build a perfect map.         

Multilingual SEO Positioning in Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your Multilingual Website

As a nationwide Google Maps Local Guide, with our professional Search Engines Positioning SEO services, your multilingual website and your online store may compete for the first organic positions (free) in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, etc.

Using Google’s free SEO tools:

To analyze, optimize and check the status of your website in the search engines, the first tool to use is the console of Google search, Google Search Console, which is free. Displays all the errors Google finds on your website in order to resolve them quickly. 


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